I spent over a decade in the military and there's things that people outside the military don't recognize.   

Suicide is a topic of conversation that most do not truly want to discuss.  Don't worry, I'll talk about it and it is going to be very uncomfortable. 

July 27, 2022

Ep. 164 - C.R.E.A.M

There is almost zero doubt that, "Cash rules everything around me".  The change of the economic and monetary systems across the globe into a digital society is taking place with little attention.  Yet, people talk about making money and generational wealth, smh. 

I've been divorced for a decade.  During this time, my dating life has been one sad comedy show.  But, I have learned the value and importance of being single.   

In this episode, I tell my story about a few situations I have had recently involving my kids.  I give my thoughts and opinion on today's parents and kids in American society.  I try my best to not make any generalizations nor accusations.  This is an opinionated observation.  

Every aspect of society in which government is involved in, more problems exist than solutions...  There's a reason for that.

Propaganda in America has been present for centuries, yet most Americans still do not recognize it. 

Crypto is not the future.  Crypto and digital assets are happening now.  The infrastructures are built and have real world applications.  Now is the time to invest and have ownership in this new asset class. 

Over the past few decades it seems the biggest problem in youth sports is the amount of money parents are paying for their children to participate.

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