The World Economic Forum publishes a paper that acts as a guide to cryptocurrencies.  Banks in Cuba move away from the US dollar, while a push for a virtual currency from the Federal Reserve is catching traction. 

Covid vaccinated passengers test positive while on fully vaccinated cruise. Unemployment fraud is apparently a "national security" issue.  While the Bank of International Settlements have concerns with Bitcoin being used as legal tender in El Salvador. 

Climate lockdowns seems like a crazy concept but precedence has been set this past year.  Congress is talking more about CBDCs while wanting to crack down on cryptocurrencies.  

Trump calls bitcoin a "scam" while the FBI seizes the 'untraceable' bitcoin from the Colonial Pipeline hack.  Russia decides to dump the dollar, switch to the euro, and move away from the international SWIFT system. 

A quick recap of some sporting events this past weekend.  The G7 agreed to a minimum global corporate tax.  Bitcoin will become official legal tender and El Salvador and other crypto news. 

Fauci's emails revealed his knowledge of a potential Wuhan Lab leak and coronaviruses studies.  Coinbase's debit card can be used with Apple and Google Pay.  Also, China does a lottery for their citizens to attain some digital Yuan as they continue to test their national digital currency. 

A new strain of bird flu has been discovered in China with its first human case.  Digital wallets will be launch in the European Union by next year which allows citizens of those nations the ability to access private and public services online. 

Details of Biden's $6T budget proposal has been released and one of the world's largest beef companies was involved in a recent cyber attack. 

Fauci is starting to say what some where saying for the past year, that SARS-Cov2 was man-made.  An investigation may take place to determine if a lab leaked occurred at the Wuhan Virology lab.  Meanwhile, the crypto crash over the weekend was a great opportunity to buy into the new asset class. 

Congress needs a reason to justified their job titles, so they decided to put together a commission to investigate the Capitol 'attack'.  While investors are trying to figure out why the recent crypto crash occurred. 

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